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Thread: Whats the coolest class

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    Default Whats the coolest class

    the title says it all

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    well cool is pretty subjective, but for me it would be a tie between Hunter & Paladin

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    loving sub rogue for pvp, but for pve have to say lock

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    I love a death knight. I was thinking about making a dwarves hunter because woo guns but I worry it will play just like a lock

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    spriest. when you hit 40 for the first time and acquire shadowform, you get a smug sense of satisfaction like no other.

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    My personal "sense of smug satisfaction" comes from leveling a prot pally and being able to solo teh majority of group quests. Just yesterday, I soloed (with the NPC as healer) Ursoc, the 3 Dragonblight "Wanted" mobs, High General Abbendis, and even soloed Alystros!

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    i am a fond of hunters,locks,mages and paladins

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    Coolest class for me is Shamans and Priests. I love being a healer.

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    a pally and a shammy

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    It is extremely subjective. I used to love my DK but I grew tired of getting verbal abuses because I used to do either too much damage and agro or too little. I shifted to a holy priest and I absolutely love it.

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