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Thread: Clickbank Hacked?

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    Default Clickbank Hacked?

    So, haven't used my credit cards in awhile. Used them through two vendors who both used clickbank. As of the 29th, my bank has informed me that the vendor has been compromised and they have cancelled both my cards and are re-issuing them.

    So, I'm guessing that all the stuff I read about Clickbank not being all that secure on the net before I purchased was true.. glad my bank was watching out for me!

    On the other hand.. I don't think I will be using them anymore. Dugi, you take checks?

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    Clickbank have been in business since 1998, they are one of the biggest and online credit card processing company and have done over 1.5 billion dollars worth of of transaction and I'm certain that they would have the best security money can buy. It will take more than speculations on the internet to convince us that they are not trust worthy.

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    I've dealt with Clickbank hundreds of times without a problem. Could be your bank that is the problem, mine often refuse to send payments to places, not becasue there is anything wrong, they say they have software that sends out certain blocks at various times(very vague) and there is nothing they can do about it. Like software has a mind of its own, or does it do what it is programmed to do.

    I am in the process of changing my bank.

    Hate banks.



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    I had problems with ClickBank when I used their processor (I was over charged & double charged, more than once). Now I use PayPal as the processor and have not had any problems since.

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    Clickbank is not compromised. If you go to and scroll down to there "News to Use" section in the middle of the page you'll see nothing about Clickbank being Compromised.

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