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Thread: help with the 3 magical items needed to succeed

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    Question help with the 3 magical items needed to succeed

    3 questions
    Were is a good place to farm arctic fur at 80?
    There is no way honor is supposed to take as long to get as I feel like it does, what is a good way to get honor points fast?
    Prices are up, what is a way to get justice points quickly?

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    Run dungeons to get get get justice points and BG's to get honer, you nub

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    1. Northrend - Any beast has the chance to drop it, but it is not a common drop anywhere. I usually farm in BT or At the starting point in IC, as there tends to be large groups of beats you can AoE down quickly.

    2. It is a slow process - Farm BGs, as I suggested in the other post

    3. You can only get JP from Dungeons - Farm Heorics, they drop off every boss

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    the higher the level the better chance of drop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slayur33 View Post
    the higher the level the better chance of drop?
    Heroics drop JP off every boss.
    Non heroics you only get them from the end boss (I think, could be wrong here though). The dungeons also have to be level appropriate, so you can take your level 80 and grind TBC dungeons

    Look at this post maybe it will help clear it up some -
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    get frozen orbs > go to orb trader > profit!

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    orb trader? were is that?

    also is there dailys for heroic instances for extra JP?

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    What the blue post means by daily is the 1st random per day. There is a bug where it doesn't show you will get extra JP right now, on the queue screen. (like the extra Frost badges you used to get)

    The Orb trader is on a flying carpet, near all the Profession trainers in Dal. He trades Frozen orbs for Eternals, Crusader Orbs, Frost Lotus, and Runed Orbs. Also Pattern: Frosty Flying Carpet if you are Tailor.

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    mey be your beter off going to to get all ur questions answerd

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    err did i say orb trader. i meant the guy that sells patterns for lw. i believe that you can trade in 10 heavy borean leather for 1 fur.

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