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    Default UI

    Looking for new UI for WoW 4.0.1
    I was using SpartanUI but now I'm getting problems with party frames disappearing an so on.

    Any Recommedations?

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    i've been using realui
    only prob i've had and its anyone using buff frames addons is you cannot right click off buffs.
    so i made a macro and listed all the hollows end buffs to cancel it for me.
    /cancelaura name of buff is the link to the UI.

    also make sure consolidate buffs is turned off

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    Thanks crysaltech
    Will give it a try.

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    any suggestions for 1366x768? it's unfortunately my max rez and can't find any UI that supports it.

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    RealUI supports all rezs.

    only thing i've done its changed dxe to raidwatch2 and configured it to my liking. Also i made it so my bars are up 100% of the time. its an option in bartender
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