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Thread: Just a suggestion for an update

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    Cool Just a suggestion for an update

    This is just a suggestion for the online leveling guide. You show what specs to use which is a big help, but when you're going from a hunter to a Paladin or a Warrior to a Mage, theres a huge difference in how they play.

    So my suggestion for an update is that to give suggestions on how best to play each spec for maximum benefit and lowest possible downtime.

    For instance as a hunter a BM can pretty much send his pet in and fire off attacks switching to AoTV when mana is running low. For marksman and survival, however, it's a bit trickier becuase your pet loses alot of damage and survivability and can't hold aggro well at all. I understand that in this case BM is best for leveling, but people have different tastes.

    I'm sure lots of people would be happy to contribute their methods.

    Anyway just a suggestion.

    P.S. great guide, it's very helpful
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