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Thread: Feedback on Vendor Supply Run

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    Default Feedback on Vendor Supply Run

    Ok now that i got the guide working i would just like to ask

    Is this a Beta version of the guide?????

    while i believe it is safe to assume it's not an Alpha version considering the lack of bugs but it MUST be beta due to the Lack of efficiency...

    i often find myself running back and forth between places i was just at and running somewhere else to come back to another vendor that was 20 yards away....

    this needs changed for efficiency
    i mean hell even the goblins know "Time is money, friend!"

    overall opinion... even though i just began the guide i'm not impressed, i will continue the rest of it though in hopes it either get's better or perhaps the pain i went through and the time i wasted will be worth the amount of gold i receive from it...........

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    Continuing feedback... In case it wasn't clear prior to my feedback (i noted i had not said it yet) i started testing the Outlands Alliance version of this guide hoping it would be the fastest and with less travel time and what not :P

    I have come to a second Enchanting trainer with supplies... Thankfully i had an addon previously installed that tells me if i have more than one item of something already that way i don't accidentally buy more than i need and i noticed that this 2nd enchant vendor had the exact same goods as i had already picked up... and the guide was telling me to pick them up again...

    2 things...
    1 that would be a waste of money
    2 that would be a waste of time...

    why not get 2 scrolls seeing as how they are unlimited at the first vendor and save myself some time and effort

    overall still not pleased but still continuing at this point
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    Another update...

    does not have any books on him and hasn't for quite some time now.. i think it was patch 3.2 that introduced all secondary profession trainers have caught up on their reading and can now teach you everything etc... etc...

    starting to wonder why i am continuing with this.. oh wait i remember because feedback is important and without someone telling you what is wrong and why it's hard to improve...

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    not sure what the respawn rate might be on "various motes" sold by the shady dealer in the ring of observance in Terrokar however he had none whenever i went to look... possibly coincidental but i thought i would mention it

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    outlands is done nothing else special of note.. overall 1.5/5 stars the fact that you did it and there was some effort put into it was all that i could score it on

    there was another bug now that i think about it ... one vendor i had to look up based on his name because the way point arrow did not show him in Zangarmarsh he was a tailor vendor, one of the dranei i believe, and all the information to find him was where it should have just simply showed his name...

    efficiency was very poor
    items repeated
    vendors locales minus 1 were good
    not all items accurate (First aid vendor-> no longer vendor strictly trainer)
    would have been nice if the guide knew that we had bought the item and auto checked it for us but that's a very minor complaint as compared to the rest of the issues i ran into

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    I will look into it, we haven't done much testing with the Outland guide as it was kinda pushed at the last minute, we were more focused with the Azeroth guide.

    The only reason we would rush a guide like this is so that players will get the chance to use for longer before Cataclysm arrive. Rather than holding it back for several more weeks just to make sure its 100% perfect, not to mention it was a free update.

    Our workload is extremely high at the moment with the Cataclysm update, (likely to be released around November)

    Having the guide auto tick the step after purchasing wouldn't work very well as then it will start skipping steps if people already have items in the bag, preventing those players on stocking up on certain items, and would be more annoying.

    However I will look into and make any fix necessary

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    Hmmm there are a few issues but IMO ive made over 2K with outland and Eastern Kingdoms still to run Kalimdor but i can put up with a few issues for 3K plus from the 3 areas

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