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Thread: EASY GOLD (Item Conversion Chart)

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    He didn't say to buy copper ore and smelt it... he says buy copper ore at .5g and sell it back at 1g a pop so that the Bar and Ore prices are the same.

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    this is a great guide, but i am still looking for an AH guide that will tell me to buy, what would be the hot sellers. i appreciate the list above, but for ex. u list all of the leathers. i am wondering what are the specific hot items that will sell well for players. ty

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    I would like to add lesser and greater enchanting essences. Takes 3 lesser to make a greater, or a greater to make 3 lesser.

    You don't need enchanting to do this.

    edit: never mind.I should have read your chart properly

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    Quote Originally Posted by hejgaard View Post
    A lot of the people buying your bars are probably skilling up Engineering or Blacksmithing without Mining (i have JC/BS on my shaman) and they are therefor not able to smelt it them self. Getting someone in trade to do it is a pain + some people just have too much gold to spend
    Your right on point. As an UH DK I smelted my way to a 600 Zen Master Miner doing this. Right after the Mop expansion, bars were selling for sometimes 3x what ore brought on my Cairne server. This of course depends on the ore involved but I would garner like 1k-G in an AH sale in Dalaran. Engineers, Blacksmiths and Jewelcrafters seem to favor bars over ore but ore can also bring you some good prices depending on the type of ore and which AH you sell it on. I prefer the Neutral fr the higher prices you get despite the 5% fees.

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    I am sorry to break it to you, but no guide can really tell you what items are hot sellers for players, as this all depends on your servers economy..
    So the only way to gain the knowledge of what is hot sellers is to either watch the market manually for 100% acurate data or gamble a bit and go search the items on wowuction after choosing your server.
    WoWUction might not be 100% acurate so don't just take it all in without testing it or thinking about it.

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