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Thread: Resize large window

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    Default Resize large window

    The single most annoying problem i have with the huide is the main window. Its HUGE and ugly.

    how do I resize? Ive tried the 'click and drag lower corner' to no avail (click bottom right, click bottom left, click bottoms with combinations of ctl, shift, alt.)

    also, the frame doesnt show up in moveanything


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    have you tried the settings tab?

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    Nevermind, I just looked myself, There is no option to resize, and it's not THAT huge.. unless you have your game set to a low resolution then yea it would be huge.

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    You can't resize it at the moment, you're not really meant to play with the large window turned on.

    This is an option that we have been wanting to do but it is pretty complicated as it can create a lot of other funny problem such as alignment. We will get there one day.

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