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    Default Ha! Nice!

    So I get my toons back, I got my gear back, and I get my account back.

    I log in. My mule is fine. Right where I left him.

    My mage is fine. She was left standing naked in SW. Predictable. (damn slut)

    My Prime farmer was left OJT in Outland, working my way to level 68 from 65. No. Wait?

    Apparently, who ever hacked me leveled my farmer up two levels. And then filled my bags with Saronite, Colbalt, and Titanium Ore. And a couple of Flight points for me no less in Northrend. Not to mention he maxed out my mining.

    LoL. Great. I even got hackers working for me. LOL. I feel so dirty.

    Good thing he didn't see my Priest's personal bank. Only a couple stacks of Frost Lotusi in there. He missed the other priest with stacks of green inks.

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    LOL nice.. glad to hear it

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    Great news. Glad you got your stuff back. Having that done to me by somebody else would certainly be an annoyance that I could do without.

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    yea same thing happened to me a mounth ago, he lvled my dk from about 60 to 67 and had made two auction house toons getting me 3k gold on the horde one. my first thought was, "Huh?" then "Awsome!"
    btw is there any way to see your auction house history, I wanna see what this guy was sellin.

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    beancounter in auctioneer will show you what you have bought,sold,ect

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