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    im still a new player in the game of WoW. i do have my first 80 but it took me 16 days in game play time to get there without using a guide

    Dugi's Guide is by far the best i have seen out there. before i found Dugis, i was using Zygor for Alliance side. although the leveling was good, but they were more focused on jus leveling characters to 80 and were indeed driven away from other aspects in the game of WoW. what Dugis Guide have to offer is exactly whats missing from Zygor and exactly what im looking for.

    personally i wanted a guide that focuses on not jus leveling a character to 80 but also includes every other aspect of the game (Professions, Gold Making, Dailies Quests, and especially Dungeons). i really like PvP, Macros, Professions Guides.

    i jus purchased the full package for Alliance and Horde. i really think its going to be fun using these guides to help

    thank you Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guides. i hope you guys keep on updating your products and i know you guys would come out with new awsome guides in the near future.

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    thanks for the great feedback more good things to come!

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