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Thread: Quest Searching in Dugi's Levelling Guide

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    Default Quest Searching in Dugi's Levelling Guide

    This is mostly to Dugi, but if others have recommendations, please respond.

    Can I request an upgrade/enhancement in the future that I don't think is available. I would really welcome an ability to search the Dugi's Guide within the levelling window. Even more specifically it would be nice to choose not only levelling but a quest path for reputation with factions I choose.

    When I quest I want to level, but I also do dungeons for gear and levelling. When you do dungeons you level such that you don't need all the quests because your level has blown past those quests.

    With the levelling quests I choose to do outside of dungeons, I want to maximize reputation gains with specific factions rather than just follow any random quest chain, albeit very efficient.

    I have found myself locating quest chains for reputation at factions (Cenarion, Wyrmrest) and scrolling through the DG leveling window trying to find these quests. Many quests I won't need because I have levelled in dungeons and I am marking them as skipped so the guide moves to the quests I want for reputation..... because it is great when Dugi's Leveling Guide is steering me through reputation quests AND I am levelling.

    This is time consuming searching and marking all these quests a skipped and trying to find specific reputation quests. Even if you cannot set up a quest guide for reputation, if you could set up a Search, we can do the research and look to into the reputation quest chains. You certainly cannot walk up to any giver and get the quest you want. But doing research in Thotbott and wiki will usually identify an earlier quest and NPC where I will want to start. Hence the search begins in Dugi's levelling guide for that quest.

    Sorry for the long dialog. It would be nice if you came back and tell me that I can already search the guide and here is how.

    Recommendations welcome.

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    Your recommendation has been voiced many times over. We are thinking of a way to make a guide for Achievements and Faction (which is part of the achievements), but with Cataclysm being so close, the Cataclysm leveling guide will be our main concern. the search feature is a fantastic idea and once we can figure out the code to do it, we will try to implement it without screwing up other addons that players may have.

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