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Thread: Dugis doesn't show up on addons list

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    Default Dugis doesn't show up on addons list

    The talent guide does and the folder is in the correct spot. Help, please and thanks.

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    Depends on which AddOn list you are talking about. If you are talking about in the Interface portion while in game that is because it is not set up to be accessed within that portion of the game. All the settings are within the AddOn itself. Do you see it when you are in the game?

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    Dugi's Guide does not show up on the add on screen from character select on add-on and the talented thing shows along with TomTom....but no guide's from Dugi show up on that

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    nm.I fixed it........i forgot to install the new 4.17 viewer thats needed to see all the new guide versions.....its fixed:-)

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    i have a mac and i cannot get guide installed plz help

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    Quote Originally Posted by warlock666 View Post
    i have a mac and i cannot get guide installed plz help
    I also have a Mac I had to do th DL manually as the auto one i could not get to work yes the guides are in my addon pages but i can not for the life of me figure out how to gwet the viewer it wont show and in my addon alll i get is dependance missing ( THE VIEWER )


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    you need to download the viewer and install it... Not sure exactly how it works on a MAC as Dugi and I don't own one, maybe try installing the viewer BEFORE any other file?

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