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Thread: Alliance Dungeon Guide: Zul'Farrak (42-47)

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    Post Alliance Dungeon Guide: Zul'Farrak (42-47)

    Hi Dugi,

    The addons I'm using:
    Guides Viewer 4.161
    Leveling Guide Alliance 4.13
    Leveling Guide Horde 4.13
    Dungeons Guide Alliance 4.14
    Dungeons Guide Horde 4.14
    Dailies & Events Guide Alliance 4.12
    Dailies & Events Guide Horde 4.12

    [Travel to] Nethergarde not auto-ticked. Because it's called Nethergarde Keep?

    Change step order:
    1. [Travel to] The Hinterlands
    2. ? [43] To The Hinterlands
    3. ! [43] Gryphon Master Talonaxe
    4. [Get Flight Point] Aerie Peak
    5. ? [43] Gryphon Master Talonaxe

    You run/ride past the questgiver on your way to the Flight Master and the follow-up is that way as well.

    [Set Heart] Aerie Peak not auto-ticked. Because it's called Wildhammer Keep? Reported by Soleina.

    Same for [Heartstone to] Aerie Peak (3x in the guide). ([Heartstone to] is also missing in the legenda in de Settings tab.)

    [Fly to] Nethergarde not auto-ticked.

    ? [46] A (delete that one) The Brassbolts Brothers is auto-ticked together with previous step [Travel to] Thousand Needles. I did not finish the quest before.

    I'm missing waypoints to go with [Travel to] Gadgetzan after picking up ! [50] Gahz'rilla.

    Missing quest Tabetha's Task in the guide. Quests leads to Tiara of the Deep. The step is mentioned in the dungeon map. It's not a Mage only quest.

    Change step order:
    1. [Fly to] The Hinterlands
    2. ? [47] Return to the Hinterlands
    3. ! [51] Saving Sharpbeak
    4. [Set Heart] Aerie Peak
    5. ? [43] Rhapsody's Kalimdor Cocktail

    You land right next to the questgiver. The Innkeeper is inside Wildhammer Keep. Mentioned order is shorter travel wise.

    Missing waypoint directing you to Vile Priestess Hexx in [Complete Quest] [51] Saving Sharpbeak step.


    P.S. Have you taken a look at my bug report for the Wetlands?

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    All fixed for next build thank you for thorough report.

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