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Thread: Nobody wants to do the dungeon quests

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    Default Nobody wants to do the dungeon quests

    I've been having a real problem with people just wanting to run through the dungeon as fast as they can and I even share the quests if I can. They don't want to do the quests and most of the time they won't even answer me if I ask to do the quests. If it's a main boss then it 's not a problem but if it's a side quest or one I can't share forget it. It's very frustrating. I end up having to beg an 80 in my guild to help or just have to drop the quests.

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    I've come across this a bit myself. However, as long as the quest is at least green I continue to queue the dungeon while I run quests in the area that you're currently running around in. Sooner or later you'll get the quests done. I've only had to drop a handful of quests because I couldn't get them completed. I'm currently lvl 50 btw.

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    try during the peak times (get there early). When the population is at the highest, you have a better average to get things going. Summer hours sucks, but first couple of day od the midsummer fire event and over 4th of july weekend will be your best times on "getting things done," at least for the next couple of weeks.

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