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Thread: Which guide to use.....Leveling or Dungeon?

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    Default Which guide to use.....Leveling or Dungeon?

    I posted this in members only but not many seem to read it so I thought I'd try again here.

    Just a quick noob question to help me decide which guide to use.

    I am more interested in story than power leveling, so which guide is best for epic storylines like the wrathgate ect. I am interested in the old world and BC lore too.

    Sorry if this is a silly question but I want to level a new char and get as much story/lore as possible.


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    Leveling guide.

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    Any chance you could provide me with some reasons why?

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    Primarily, the dungeon guide, only does quests that are required to get the dungeon quests. As the Quest dialog provides most of the games story, if you are willing to sit there for 5 minutes to read a quest before accepting it, the solo guide which has a majority of the games quests in it, would provide the greater amount of lore/story.

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    Thanks for the info. Had the same answer a few times now so I guess the Solo guide is the way to go.


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    Yeah, I'd have to second this. One of the things I like most about Dugi's quest path (on the levelling guide) is that you get quite a lot of the story, including all of the essentials that don't relate directly to raids. So, I generally use that guide on my "completionist" toons, and because story is important to me.

    On the other hand, I do have a toon that I *only* tank with, and the dungeon guide has helped me get more out of a warrior than I ever would trying to solo/quest my way to 80, which frankly, I would have given up on. Now I have a way to make instances fun a bit more lucrative.

    AND, the dungeon guide is great for the maps - though right now, you only get maps for the "level to 80" path of the guide... I hope that Dugi at some point will add maps for the other non-Wotlk instances. It would really help when using random dungeons, when you end up somewhere you've never been.

    Long story short - I greatly prefer the quest levelling, ESP on the horde side (better stories, more badass lore/characters, etc, at least in my opninion), but the dungeon guide has really sweet benefits and utility.

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    From the sound of it... with the solo leveling, you get Lore, but from the dungeon leveling, you get Blue items. Your choice from that, I guess. ^.^

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    Neither, go leveling without a guide and if you get stuck stick on the leveling guide. If you want as much lore as possible you should take your time and view your surroundings. Check for some lore stuff too.


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