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Thread: Not Able to use Dungeon Guide

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    Question Not Able to use Dungeon Guide


    I just downloaded a lot of your guides Dugi and I must say that I am completely satisfied however, I cannot use the dungeon guide. I installed in the way you showed in your video but even though the files are in the DugiGuideViewerZ folder, the addon doesn't appear on the addon menu in World of Warcraft character selection screen. When I tried to separate the folders from the Dugi Guide Viewer it said Dependency disabled. Can anyone help with this problem? Oh and BTW I have a mac.

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    I think you are missing the Dugi's Guide Viewer addon it self, make sure you download and install the viewer here it is the first addon in the download menu.

    make sure your folder structure is like this screenshot.

    click here for complete installation instruction with videos for windows and mac

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    Thanks I figured out that I downloaded the wrong add-on as the viewer. Very helpful and thanks for the quick reply.

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    Horde 1-80 Dungeon Guide garmany dont wörk dont nunt qoest 1 step wan dunt gu tu 2 tu

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    sori mai inglich is not gud ay plai on germany klinet et es dunt wökeng 1 kompit bat dunt gu 2 t

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    Quote Originally Posted by kumpelol View Post
    sori mai inglich is not gud ay plai on germany klinet et es dunt wökeng 1 kompit bat dunt gu 2 t

    Wenn Sie Zugang zu einem Übersetzer haben, wie Google Translate, kann es dazu beitragen, dass zumindest die Formulierung besser lesbar auf das Personal.

    Sollte dazu beitragen, Ihre Probleme gelöst bekommen, sobald sie wissen, was Ihr Problem ist.

    Achten Sie darauf.

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