Ok, something alittle different. I wrote a faux 20 Q&A out of kicks and grins. Nothing more than some creative writting to put a smile on your face or whatever. Enjoy.

Interview with a Daknit

1. How did you get your name?

Long story? I used to write short stories when I was younger. Daknit (pronounced Dak Nit. No R) was a major character in the opus I was writing at the time; one of many I might add. He is ultimately the main villain of that story and then a second Daknit was written, a poor bastard with a cursed name.

Short Story? Daknit is the named I used on Diablo I when I decided to start the Tarot Guild. I kept the name as a constant reference. It stuck.

2. There’s a Daknit, Bard of Tarot and a Justice of Tarot; is there a difference?

Only in rank. It was the same person. The title of Justice was my position in the Tarot Guild. As I became more and more inactive in the guild games, I wrote more. I turned in my Justice title for the Bard title.

3. Do you have a favorite game? Is WoW it?

No, but it’s in the top 5. Magic the Gathering ranks too high. I’m a recovering addict. I used to play at every tourney I could get to, but I moved to a more isolated area, and thankfully I don’t play as much any more. I just think of all the money I saved.

4. Any great card combos?
A few, but my favorite combos usually come from bending rules. Mostly word rules. (See below)

5. Ok, back to WoW. We all know you prefer Alliance over the Horde. Do you have a favorite class?

Beside the Mule Class? I like using classes that people normally don’t use. Like the monk class (aka Disc Priest). It was the first class I ever used. I was such a noob. I picked up leatherworking and skinning only because they were the first set of skills I came across.

I do have a Fury Warrior, but I’m have trouble finding decent fist weapons. Daggers will have to do for now. I’ve tried hunters and locks without pets. That was sort lived. I’m currently trying a pacifism class.

6. And how’s that working out for you?

Sucks. I’ve heard one person as gotten to level 80 armed with only a fishing pole. The goal is to reach level 80 without killing ANYTHING. Fishing and delivery quests only. Of course there are other ways of getting EXP, but the battle grounds are right out.

7. What server do you play on?

I’m not going to say. As much as I love people reading my works, I don’t need people hounding me out and asking for advice every two steps I take in Azeroth. But, hey, if you can find me on your own, Kudos.

8. What type of player are you?

I’m not strict. I’m out to have a good time. I play on a RP server, and yes it is nice to role play every now and then. And yes, I talk the same way I type. Sentence structure and all.

Mostly tho, I enjoy making people laugh, even if I have to RP. I had a Winter’s Littler Helper following me around once. The program wouldn’t let the little guy get on the boat to Booty Bay. I was yelling at the helper to get on the boat. Before the boat would leave, I would get off and “/me spanks his little helper.” Yeah. I’m goofy like that.

9. Are you good at that? Being funny, that is.

I try. I can be pretty witty at times. I usually know when enough is enough. When in a PuG, I usually shut up and do my job, but if we’re in a sit down before a big fight, I like to throw out a few one liners. I was in a PuG the other night and our hunter had a wolf named “Chomper.” So every now and then I was like “Sic balls, Chomper!” That cracked the hunter up.

You gotta rotate the crops every now and then so you don’t get burn out. After a long burn out, you start to hate the game.

10. Burn out?

If you do the same thing over and over again, then you start to hate it. In games, a burn out is simply boredom. I switch around A LOT. Play WoW, switch to another character, leave WoW, play some Modern Warfare 2, go to a movie (family time stuff), go write, then get back to WoW.

My biggest burn outs came from magic, but two months of prep followed by two straight days of tourney magic will do that to you. In WoW, three back to back matches of BG or DF, or WoW power leveling on the same character for more than 5 hours in one sitting, usually encourages me to shift gears.

11. What do you prefer PvP or PvE?

PvE. I suck a PvP. I can’t tell if it is my connection or my lack of skills, but I’m always getting kicked around. Maybe it is both. I like to think it is my connection, for my ego’s sake. In PvE, like instances for instance, I love trying to out think the programmers. I hate trying to out think other people. It’s chaotic killing at best, and me face down in the dirt at the worst.

12. You do a lot of writing. Why?

Oh I love to write. Once I get an idea, I’m gone. I am tripping over my own thoughts has my not-so-furious digits attempt to keep up. I also like to help people. I see a lot of thing that many do not. Plus, I’m really good at gathering information. (ie The Core Item List). The internet is such a vast place that I try my best to make a mark where I can.

13. Do you follow your own advice?

I try. LOL. Admittedly, I stick to, like the core items, for example, as best as I can, but some days I just try to buy/sell that which just won’t move. I keep thinking “Ah-Ha! I think I found something.” And then nothing. Sad day.
But for the most part, yeah.

14. How did you come up with the core list?

Dugi’s profession guide. My misses helped me organize it (3 whole days, bless that woman.). I used profession leveling paths (that which you need to craft) from different sources (web sites, Dugi’s guide itself, mags I had laying around) and then I saw what was needed and how much. Then I crossed referenced it over through 3 servers over two days. I found that stuff you needed the most was the items that was the most traded, or in demand. The odds and ends that you needed for your profession were rare to find on the AH.

And now you know.

15. What other items are there?

Well, you got the junk items that next to nobody will buy, like food from the field. Nobody wants to buy your cured ham. You got high end items, items that only a maxed out toon would be looking for (titianium ore comes to mind). And, you got the vanity, such as pets and rep markers.

16. Any other AH advice?

Never post late Monday night. You lose so much time during the server down time that you are pretty much throwing money away. Post the item that will net you the most profit on Thursday afternoon/ morning. It’s a good way to beat the weekend rush. And if you can’t sell it after the fifth post, let the vendor eat it.

17. Why is I there no PuG DPS Blue Prints?

Too many variants. Everyone is a DPS, including the battle chicken. I can think of cool party combos and combat positions. However, the odds of having a PuG where everyone reads my “Best Party Ever. Of All Time” articles are slim. You’ll just end up with one guy barking my advice and four people thinking he is an *******. Not Good. But I can share them with you if you want some time.

18. Are you a PuG Tank, PuG Doc, or PuG DPS?

Mostly I’m combat support. I’ll tank if I have to. I’ll heal when I’m in the mood. So, DPS it is. I like staying away from all the action, tho. Like my mage. In the rear with the gear. I do have a hard time keeping my threat level low as a warrior. But more on that later.

19. What other guides are you planning on writing next?

I wrote the Tuesdays with Daknit series because I was working nights and needed something to do during server downtimes. I figured “Well, we’re stuck in this together, so let’s talk.” I just liked doing it. But I’m on Days now, and the server is down while I’m at work. So “Tuesdays with Daknit” might change to “@#$% Daknit Says.” (you get that joke later). I like the PuG series, so I might stick with that for a few more chapters. Of course, I’ll finish the Almanac. Looks like Blizzard might have an answer to the summer blues. Big down time coming up.

20. So, anything else you want to add?


No? ok. fine.

I’m going to Chicago next week for some vacation. I’ll be absent until Father’s Day weekend. Plus I got a big project outside of WoW in the mix. Very very hush hush.

Until next time…..


(from Wizards of the Coast Forums)

Back in the day (waaaaaay back) before the DCI was around and before "judges" knew all the rules, I was at a fairly large tourney competing for a set of Moxes. As usual it was a single elimanation best of 3 type of tourney. I brought a mono red with more than a splash of goblins.

First round (mind you the entrance fee was $20) I played some dude with some deck -- really I can't remember him so well. I end game one with a disintegrate, and he accepts defeat. I pack up my cards and go to tell the event holders I won.

"Wait!" he says "we got another game."

"No we don't," I say, "I won. You're done."

"No it's best two of three"

"Read the card"

I showed him the Revised Edition of disintegrate. It reads:
"Disintegrate deals X damage to one target. If target dies this turn, target is removed from the game entirely."

"You are the target," I say, "You are playing in a tourney. You are removed from this game ENTIRELY. No more tournement for you."

He calls a "judge" over. I pled my case. [I won.] The other guy left the tourney....bitter.

Yep, can't do that anymore.