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Thread: Warlock has question on specs

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    Default Warlock has question on specs


    I am a lvl 80 warlock and I have duel talent specs (now with aff and dest) I had used demonology in the past. what is best spec to run dungeons with? I am kinda torn, I like all 3 and can see when each has it's place. I do dungeons has a dps

    thanks for your help


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    What level are you? If 80, how well geared are you?

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    Your level definitely matters. You probably dont need this information but I'm going to suggest it anyway just in case someone else might need it.

    Affliction for leveling up to level 50. When you receive the felguard, I would respec to demonology, preferably a drain tank spec for survivability and lesser downtime and the ability to solo group quests.

    I am a big fan of demonology. I find it fun. I raided hard core in BC and I was affliction back then and enjoyed it as well. I also raided a little bit of destruction but I found the spec a little to mage like and didn't really represent what a warlock is to me. I also tried raiding with affliction in wotlk and I did enjoy it, but I was always curious with metamorphosis and I was really drawn to the fact that when you turn on meta, a priest friend can apply levitate on you and your demon flies.

    So i ended up switching to demonology and it was history from there. The spec is definitely gear dependent, but regardless of gear...its is fun. The mechanics are a little more complicated than affliction or destruction persay, there are a lot of things to look out for while managing your pet, procs, etc... the nice thing with demo is that you offer a 10% spell damage buff to whole party and raid (that's +300 spellpower if your spellpower is at least 3000) whenever your felguard crits. If felguard dies, you loose the buff, so I usually summon my infernal, continue my dps for the next 30 seconds jsut to not waste the infernal summon (good dps btw -- but doesn't proc the buff) and I resummon the felguard to continue the spell buff.

    I can definitely out dps many classes with demonology in dungeons...especially with AOE's. However, demonology lacks in quick fights -- just requires a little more to output faster (i.e. Haste pots, etc -- helps to have an alchemist alt) but not really necessary in dungeons. Currently demonology also has the highest dps output from the recent patch.

    If you want quicker burst you can definitely go with destruction at 80. It's really a preference to be honest. Which is why I am a warlock at heart -- there is so much variety in the class. I would try out a spec for a whole month researching on dps mechanics for that dungeons and raids with it. Then switch to another spec the month after. Then make your decision once you've had experience with each one -- the only way you'll enjoy the spec you are playing

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    When you say you summon your inferno you are talking about curse of doom right? I have had a level 80 warlock for some good time now and think it would be hilarious if I missed out on something so big as that.

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    Curse of Doom is also's part of my rotation when I dont' have to apply Curse of Elements when there is an unholy dk or boomkin in the group, however...I think you're thinking of ritual of doom that summons the doom guard. The infernal no longer require a summoning and calling down an infernal works like calling down a rain of fire, you just specify an area and the infernal will come down and lasts for 1 minute.

    This is an infernal:

    And i think you're confusing it for ritual of doom which summons the doomguard and requires 5 people to summon (including yourself):

    Too bad infernal stone stacks maxes at 5, I could really save bagspace if I could hold more. I use the spell quite often when the felguard dies.

    I love my warlock pets My first character was a warlock and no matter how many 80's I have now, its still my favorite. I have to say though, my favorite spell of all time is the Eye of Kilrogg, I bet not too many people ever use that spell or have it in their hotbars. I do. It's awesome...specially when glyphed with:

    Now I'm digressing here talkinga bout my warlock:
    I use to use necrosis addon, but I found that I forgot all of my warlock spells because of it, so I uninstalled and instead I have ALL my spells in my action bars and I have most of them bound so I can use them for utility whenever needed.
    Not sure when you created your warlock, but do you remember the spell curse of recklessness? That was an awesome curse They removed it though. I use to use that all the time with crowd control...I remember back when crowd control was so important. I could cc 2 targets at one time using: succubus's kiss, and fear + curse of reklessnes for control while mainting dots on targets....AAHAHAAHH Now i want to go home and play with the lock.

    Now I'm just reminiscing:
    I remember back in pre-bc raiding, my guild called me the candy vending machine. I used this addon called something like Healthstone Manger or something like that which allowed people to whisper me and I would automatically cast create healthstone and open trade. it was awesome. Then they disabled lua spell calls when they released the pre-patch release to bc and it rendered the addon useless and they introduced the ritual of stone to manage healthstone distribution. Aww the good old days!
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    I use the demonology spec to run my dailies, and destruction in a raid.
    Destruction is not what I'd refer to as a faceroll spec. The rotation relies on DoT's, of course, but is heavy on keeping Immolate up. There are two primary spells that work off of Immolate, which makes it much more powerful, and makes you pay attention.
    My primary curse in a raid is the CoE; most of what gets tossed at the mobs fits in the effectiveness of CoE, and makes it a raid-wide benefit to spam the mob pull.
    First, however, is to get the Glyph of Life Tap. As the tank moves in, hit life tap. This gives 40 seconds of increased stats. Then spam CoE on the mobs.
    If you would like more help on rotations, Id be glad to assist you.

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    Yea, I was in a raid once and they asked me to go destruction. I explained to them that being demonology the whole raid gets nearly +400 spell power. Elitist as they were...they said I had to do I switched for the next week. And they complained why dps wasn't as good as last week. Then they made me switch back to demonology . I would have never returned to that raid, but I had to make the point which is why I switched it...eventually I did leave that raid group though. I its so easy to bend over backwards in the game that I've recently told myself...if they don't like what I'm specced as they can blow me LOL I pay $15 each month to play, not them, so I'm going to spec how I like to have fun I say Loki, go demonology if you hate being destro, it's too mage like for me -- I hate it. Although...I did do destro for pvp pre-bc and it was fun But for raid and those long fights....BLEH....too boring.

    Glyph of lifetap is awesome, however -- I use rank 1 at the beginning of raid -- it gives me the same buff, but I dont loose as much life and the healers don't have to heal me right when the fight starts and they end up not minding when I life tap like crazy. OH P.S. forgot to mention...yes demonology is a very mana consuming expect to lifetap often -- which is why I have rank 1 as well so if my mana is manageable, I can use rank 1 especially when healers need to focus on tank healing -- I dont need them loosing focus just to heal me when all I need is a refresh of the life tap glyph buff.
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    I usually tell the healers to not worry about me unless I go 50% or more in health during a fight; but most of the healers I run with are guildies, so they know Ill Life Tap to full mana only after the pulls, and a low-level heal like rejuv is plenty to get me to 100%.
    Your point about sticking to your guns is pretty profound though, and should be embraced by the entire WoW community. It is your time and your $$ going to your experience in game. If what you bring to the table is not what the raid needs, its best to just look for another group, for both your sakes.
    Yes, I can spec affliction, and I will be one of the worst locks you will ever see. I just dont play affliction, so I am not familiar with anything that is not faceroll rotation. Get me in a tight spot and it will not go well. In Destruction that is another story.
    Point is, if you try to spec to make another group happy, no one will be happy.
    I will have to remember to get my low-level life tap out and in position on my hot bar... never occurred to me to do this... still a noob in some areas.
    Thanks for that little bit of advise.

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    that is all

    i raid as a aff/demo lock

    aff for pdps
    demo if my raid needs the rdps since my dp talent pushes more sp than a shammys totems can.

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    Did you Glyph for the Fel Hunter as well?
    HUGE advantage in available hit pts... 20% if Im not mistaken (at work).

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