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Thread: Stockades Guide - Missing Turn-ins

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    Default Stockades Guide - Missing Turn-ins

    Having gotten my account restored...I returned to some fun!
    I ran through The Stockades Guide tonight.

    Unless I am missing something, it appears to be missing two important turn-ins:
    - "What Comes Around...." is a quest that the guide had me pick up in Lakeshire and later complete inside the instance. But there does not appear to be a turn-in step.
    - "Crime and Punishment" is similar: the guide had me pick it up in Darkshire and complete it inside, but there is no turn-in step.

    Both are easily done, but for completeness, they do seem to be missing from the guided steps.

    Also, I can't figure out why the middle of the guide asked me to fly to Lock Modan, run all the way to Menethil Harbor to grab the flight point, and then fly back to Stormwind.... What purpose does this part of the guide serve? There don't appear to be any quests related to The Stockades here, and nothing needed (as of yet) to help with any existing quests. Seems like a lot of running for nothing....

    Otherwise, the guide did great. I did one run (a good group) and got about 1.5 levels out of the deal. MUCH better than my ugly Deadmines run from last week.

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    There's a quest chain up there. Look for the three dwarfs firing aimlessly at the dark dwarfs in the northern path out of the swamp. Each has a quest. One will help. The others are just an excuse for EXP and killing dwarfs.

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    The running to wetlands is probably left over from the original version. Originally the quest that is available there was in the guide, but as the first step in the chain was a level 27 quest, it was removed from the guide as people found it too difficult to complete solo.

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