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Thread: Cant select a dungeon guide.

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    Ok this is a positive. to get the guide work you have to update the guide viewer.

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    Update the viewer to at least v4.12 and it should work.

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    Confirmed: DL the new version and you'll be up.

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    Unhappy Oriyen

    I loaded the new version v4.12 of Dugi's Guide and then purchased the Alliance and Horde Dungeon leveling Guide update and installed it. It will not let me select a guide, but I can select a map. Plus my guide disapeared after I logged out and then logged back in to a new chacracter, but I got it back by typeing /dg. The thing now is, how do I get the dungeon guide to work so I can select a guide?

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    I just bought the Alliance dungeon guide and I when I go to the Dungeon guide tab it says I dont have any loaded.

    I have updated the viewer and the dugeon guide is in the addon folder.

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    If you haven't tried it yet? There you go: Install guide
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    I have deleted everything and re-installed everything and its still not working. I don't understand because everything works but the Dungeon guide and maps, hasn't anyone else encounter this problem? I have not tried the manual way yet but I can't see how it will help since the problem seems to be with the dungeon guide.

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    I'm having the issue of both having the same file name

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    Default Same problem

    I try to select on guide but does not want to stay on selection. I also have maps guide but not dungeon guide. I'm very confused and don't know if this is an issue with Mac users

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    Quote Originally Posted by neclya View Post
    Hey Dugi. I have a problem.
    I cant select a dungeon guide. when i click on one it wont select it.
    I 'm having same problem. Do you have the addon displayed? Have you come up with a solution?

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