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Thread: anti death tip for the druid

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    Default anti death tip for the druid

    this tip is for melee mobs,
    cast entangling roots step back and heal

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    another tip: if u get in trouble run like hell

    what spec do you play ferral? I used to play balance but i had problems with mana regen every 3 pulls i would have to drink, so now i am feral and it is basically a non stop grind. if i get in trouble i just pop into bear form and use frenzied regeneration or warstomp rejuv lifebloom.

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    i used to play ferral druid but when wotlk came out a play on dk so 4 the heck of it i turned him into balance

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    I was never really able to get into balance running solo, are there some tricks to that? Right now I am feral and have very little downtime with a nice constant grind. I started using the new horde guide for 70+ and so far it is great.

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