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    Ok I know that this is a role play server but what exactly does that mean. What do you do that is different in a rp server? I am tempted to start a new toon in one.

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    Step 1. Don't refer to your character as your "toon". You ARE your character on an RP server.
    Step 2. Roleplay.
    Step 3. No profit.

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    have a good name not like dkknight or that crap, rp servers are like reg servers just for peps that wish to 'become the toon.

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    RP servers are also known as Nerf servers. Since no one really keeps the PvP on, you are free to roam the country practically unhindered. Opposite factions have even been known to help you kill quest from time to time too. ("Dogs and cats living together; mass hysteria")

    Role Playing is normally, and mostly, kept within guilds. Very few practice it.

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    Also my experience on an RP server, they tend to be lacking in the end game raiding. I switched to a normal server because at that time there was only 3 guilds on the RP server that could finish Naxx 25.

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    Im sorry, maybe its just me but none of you really answered my question. What is a role player server? Are the quests different on there? Do you have to be in a group to level?

    @soks I am my character on all of my servers so I really dont understand what you mean. Why do you say there is no profit?

    @ crystaltech What do you mean that people play to be "The Toon". do you mean that people are competing to be the best hunter, the best warlock, the best priest? If so how do you know who is the best? What does your name have to do with it?

    @Darknit Sounds to me alot like a pve server. I dont have to worry about the opposite faction since I dont play on a pvp server anyways. I have been helped out numerous times by the opposing faction while questing. During the winter veil some horde helped me kill some elites and I helped some. For the childrens week, during a warsong gulch battle where you have to return a flag with your orphan out, I ran to the opposing flag room typed in "/me tells you not to attack because he is going to drop the flag for you" When you do a /me emote the opposing faction can read it so they didnt attack me and I let each one of them return the flag. I then typed "/me asks you to do the same for him" They, sure enough, came right over and did the same for me. So that sounds a lot like a pve server as well. You said roleplaying is maily kept withing guilds but what exactly is this role playing you're talking about. Do you go out and start acting or what?

    I hope no one gets offended by my responses. I am not trying to be rude! i just didnt find the answer to my question or maybe I just read over it. Thanks in advance for any other resonses.

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    1.) No the quests are no different here.

    2.) You do not have to be in a group to complete any quests any differently than in any other server.

    The RP server is a slice of warcraft intended for RPers.

    If you want more out of your game and you are intelligent enough to keep in character, then RP is meant for you.

    If you need an idea on what true role playing is all about, goto youtube and watch "The Gamers." All doubt should be removed after that.

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