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Thread: Dugi!!

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    Smile Dugi!!

    Hi dugi, What do u recomend for me??

    Undead/tauren/ or orc warrior? i wanna be dps(arms) THANKS!!

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    ok undead for pvp but orc is little better

    tauren is good for tanking nice little racial

    orc would be nice for straight dpsing. but if you have the gear go fury!

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    Orc for Blood Fury and Axe Specialization racial great for PVE

    For PVP its a toss up between Orc Hardiness , Blood Fury or Tauren War Stomp , Endurance they are both good.

    Undead in my opinion is now one of the worst warrior race for PVP since the nerf to Will of the Forsaken , and Warriors already have Berserker Rage to break fear.

    I use a Troll warrior specifically for Prot PVP to stack Da Voodoo Shuffle , Toughness and Enigmatic Skyflare Diamond so that I have almost -50% reduced snare duration :P

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    Ahh i c thanks aLOT

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