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    Is there some way to get my guide to work on 2 different PC's as I use my laptop when I am away from home and when I log into game the guide is WAY off as to which quests are done and which not. If the info is kept on the PC can I send that file to the other PC so the guide is up to date?

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    The guide won't be able to track the quests that you have skipped, if you do that a lot then it will be 'way off'. So have the exact same setting, you need to copy the savedvariable file across.

    Make sure WOW is closed and copy

    World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<your account name>\<server name>\<character name>\SavedVariables\

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    The way I get around this is I copied my WOW folder to a USB drive. I run WOWfrom the USBdrive and all works well if started from the folder on the usb drive.

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    Thanks for the reply's.

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