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Thread: how to get to wetlands from stormwind city

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    Default how to get to wetlands from stormwind city

    im using the new version now of the guide and im following the guide of level 25 to 27 of the alliance guide and i came from uberdine going to stormwind city and then said to do to loch modan (dungar longdrink) 71,72.6 then said go to wetlands run north through the tunnel 25.4,7.6
    is there like a boat going to the wetlands directly to go to menethil harbor?
    thanks for the help guys.

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    a method 2 get to wetlands is
    1. go thru deeprun tram
    2. go in dun murough
    3. go to loch modan head north from loch to wetlands
    4.a method 2 get 2 menethil is to look for a skinny strip of land and a giant circle shaped hunk and go to it
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    sorry, I though I have covered the path for draenie for the new guide looks like I missed it.

    Grab Flight Point Dungar Longdrink (71, 72.6) in Stormwind City

    Go through Deeprun Tram In the Dwarven District (70.3, 29.5) in Stormwind City

    Take the tram to Ironforge

    Grab Flight Point In the center of town of IronForge (55.5, 47.8)

    Exit Ironforge to Dun Morogh

    Run east to Loch Modan Take the road east, then north (84.7, 29.6) through the tunnel

    Grab Thelsamar Flight Point Thorgrum Borrelson (33.9, 50.9) in Loch Modan

    Run north to Wetlands

    I have updated the guide to cover this now, download the latest zip file and it should have it now.

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    thanks...that helped a lot dugi!

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