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Thread: 4.057 auto-detect problem

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    Exclamation 4.057 auto-detect problem

    Im currently doing speed gold run (valiant), Im over halfway through it. Basically whats happening is once I complete a section of the quests the auto detect jumps back to the first book icon part where it says pick up "3-6 quests,dun nifflem etc,etc". I have to click the box, then it auto jumps to the next book icon which is "pick up 4 valiant quests", I click that and it jumps to the next, it also stops at the horse shoe icon and the hearthstone one, till it comes to where im at in between those steps and does that cycle over again.

    On occasion it will go to the first book icon and once I click it will jump to where Im at. Is it possible I have an addon conflict? Ive tryed reloading ui command but doesn't appear to make any difference.

    Apart from that, quest pickups and hand ins work fine.

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    the guide will 'Jump' over optional quests that you didn't pick up or quests that you don't qualify yet because you don't have the required reputation.

    we need make optional quest visually different so you know its jumping for a reason.

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