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Thread: Having trouble with Dailies

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    Default Having trouble with Dailies

    Hey Dugi

    First of all i would like to thank you for your hard work getting the new guide u and running. Well done.

    Now the problem i am having with the dailies guides is the PVP dailies you have put in it. I am not much of a PVP person except the odd BG here and there and i really have no interest in it.

    Now when i try and do the Speed Run for dailies is has mee pick up a quest to kill 15 horde players. I gave it a try and after mutliple failed attempts i gave up.

    Is there a chance you could look into elimating/changing the dailies guide to allow us to avaid the PVP parts. I know i could just skip them, just thought i would ask if you coudl a revised version of your dailies Speed Run so we can choice if we wanna do the PVP.

    Thanx mate, keep up the awesome work.

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    which guide was it that had the PVP part, I'm sure that wasn't included with the guide as its too time consuming to complete it.

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