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Thread: Trade Skills Guide?

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    Default Trade Skills Guide?

    I don't know if this is possible or not, but could guides be made up to use the new guide add-on with the steps for leveling the various trade skills.

    It might require a little work, but I am sure this is something lots of people would love to have, an easy to use add-on that tells you how best to level your trade skills, at present I use a web guide, and have to keep alt-tabbing out to see what to do next, and what mats I need.

    I can see that some extra functions might need to be added to the guide viewer, such as completing steps on reaching a certain trade skill level. Hopefully though this would only be a minor addition.

    This is also something that is severely missing from the community in general, as I have seen no site that offers an in game profession leveling guide add-on.
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