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Thread: [Alliance] Dun Morogh (1-12 Dwarf & Gnome)

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    Nice guide, but has already in the beginner area too many bugs.
    Had only v4 and tomtom loaded. Started as Dwarf Hunter.

    Here are a few that didn't work:
    I had to cross all of the Hunter Quests (Taiming the Beast) myself.

    The Quest: Rejold's New Brew just wasn't there, even at level 10.

    When asked to set hearth at step Thunderbrew Distillery, v4 didn't tick.

    When asked to go to accept In Defense of the King's Lands ( and The Trogg Threat (, the tomtom arrow points to the dwarven beginner location Coldridge Valley, in Dun Morough, not Loch Modan. Even after doing the Quests and turning them in, tomtom won't recognize the waypoint and is telling you to go to Coldrige Valley.

    These are only a few, as I am not at home right now.
    Also the online version of the guide that I am looking right now, has the Quests in different orders as in-game (the online version seems more logical also).

    Also I have read the request at the forums here, that it would be nice, if you could tick only a part of the Quest as done, so you have accepted a Quest, but v4 doesn't recognize it, but you can manually check it, so you can still do it not skip it.

    And another thing, that would be nice. If you included the levels at which you can accept a Quest in-game. In the online version you can see, that taming the beast for example is obtainable at level 10, but in-game I was at level 9 so i just had to grind and that takes time, and isn't the fastest possible way to level as promised.
    I also understand, that the order to do Quests is optimized, but if you are at a lower level and you have to do a Quest, that is red or orange in the quest log, just because it is on your way to the next quests, it isn't optimal in my opinion, 'cause it's to time consuming.

    And when I'm at it already, wouldn't it be quicker to level, if your addon also would tell me when the best time is to get my next spells at my trainer. Seems to me, that it would be logical to include such a thing, because it's a big part of leveling, and the addon should give me the quickest way to do it.

    Sorry, if I have misunderstand anything or haven't seen any previous posts about similar requests.

    Thanks, Jimbou

    2. The waypoint doesn't work after leaving Dun Morogh at all. It doesn't work with any of the quests after DM.
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    After the first beginner area guide, everything works almost perfect!

    I'm not dissapointed at all, that I chose to join with you at re-opening! It's been a lot of fun leveling my new char with Dugi's Guide and so I thank you for your work!

    And I wish you good luck with Zygor, wich, after reading all the blogs and statements, is in my opinion only a very foul business trick to eliminate the biggest competitor. I am pretty sure, that in the end the team of Zygor will be the losers.

    Great work Dugi!!

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    just replying so you know I have read it, I think most of the issue should have been fixed with 4.054 and more fixes to come.

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