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    Hi Dugi,
    I currently have a level 71 blood elf dk as my main but when he gets to 77 or 80 he is gonna need his flying mount and including the cold weather training, it like 7000g and even though i not 77 or 80 yet I doubt I will get that much money in time. I see in your gold guide it has lots of info about the AH but I tried it and i not very good so I was wondering if you recommend any places to farm for money. I also don't have any professions so I don't have to many options.


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    In the recent massive gold guide video, Jonathan Kearns speaks to a number of professions that he thinks make a lot of dough, still, I think his main message is, take your time, learn to play the auction house, thats where the real gold making potential is located. You need to have patience, I think, to get really good at it. Like Jonathon says, make it a game within the game. I've struggled too, but I'm slowly building my wealth. As for professions, gathering takes a long time. I have two main characters, one is a skinner and one is a miner. The miner is also a blacksmith. I've made gold with both of them gathering, but again, it takes a long time. Killing for gold is probably best done in the different instances. Dugi has those mentioned in his gold guide as well. Good luck. Decc

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    Thanks Dec,
    I see how you said it takes a long time and I was wondering if there are like some spots for farming for stuff like frostweave cloth and stuff. I tried three times to make money in the AH and the first time i made about 15g then the other two times I lost money so I usually like just making money the simple way. On my server frostweave sell very well just like many servers so thats what I would try to farm.

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    i dont understand how u only made 15g 1 time on the ah and lost the other times. can you please give me a breakdown of your ah setup? Because if you have UWG gold guide you should be well on your way to making atleast 300g a day. with only 20-30min of work

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    well you don't need the epic flying mount training to continue so you can cut 5000g of that. If you like making gold the traditional way my recommendations is to level mining and herbalism. there's a lot of different place you can farm in the gold guide.

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    Thanks for the advice you gave me. When I get to level 80 I will start leveling up my mining and skinning. For Bishop, I only made 15g because some of the things were outdated because of the expansion so I had to list many times and not all sold. I will give more cracks at the AH and if I start making some good money I'll let you know.

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    As i wrote that post yesterday, I was scanning the AH. My profit for that scan time resulted in a positive increase of 265 gold today with some items still up for bid. Follow the guide carefully, be patient and observant, and you can make money.

    Good gathering sites for mining and skinning are listed in Dugi's professions guide. Decc

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    Thanks Dec,
    When I get to 80 I'll get my mining and skinning up so I can use some of the farming spots in Dugi's gold guide or just use that gather mod.

    Thanks for all your help guys.

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