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Thread: ? which spec is better

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    Default ? which spec is better

    which spec is better to level warrior . Its protection right now but it seems slow or just I'm doing something wrong?

    lvl 40 warrior

    Thanks in advance for the help

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    I haven't leveled a warrior in a long time, but I'd think Fury would be the best as you get more DPS and Bloodthirst will provide you with a lot of healing for less downtime,

    however Prot takes less damage so again you get less downtime for that.

    How are you playing as protection? you should be in Defensive stance and use Revenge a lot once you get Devastate at level 51 you will level a lot faster as Prot.

    So perhaps go fury until you reach level 51 then switch to prot.

    Also depends what kind of gear that you're using aswell, I would recommend you stack as much Strength and Armor Penetration as possible if you''re Prot its very important that you stay away from Attack Power and Agility stats as you don't get the Block Value bonus as you would with Strength.

    and don't use Tanking Gear for leveling.

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    Default Thanks Dugi

    Guess I was playing my toon way wrong pretty much just going around and hacking and slashing going to respec as fury and see how it goes also trying the stance stuff too.

    wish me luck

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