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    I've followed Dugi's guide. I'm 80, have my toon just about as decked out as I can at the moment. I've done the daily guides and am exalted with the factions in WoTLK. So what's next? Working on my profession.

    I have chosen tailoring and enchanting. I've looked over the profession guide here and it's pretty cut and dry. I've found good material on leveling professions on I like reading some of the "tips" such as if you level up tailoring with enchanting, you can disenchant most everything you tailor! That's good stuff, do you guys have any other suggestions like that I could use?

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    If u wanna make money get herbalism and mining ( BEST )

    You can make alot of money with them + gold guide and auction mastery guide

    Get some gear and go pwning or raiding first

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    Default skills

    on my hunter I did mining and skinning. the skinning seems to help out with the hunter class. plus you are killing the beasties why not make some money off of them. I used this combo since I started my hunter. by the time I was lvl 70 I had 6000G in the bank. so I had to send 1000 of it to my Main toon to get the cold weather flying script, book, what ever it is. and send it back to my hunter. now that I have made LVL 80 yes I made 80 finally ( long story.) those two skill are still making me good money at the AH.

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