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Thread: Dissapointment

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    Here is a testemonial Dugi, your guide that customers have paid money for, has not been available for weeks and your staff put up posts saying it will be out in a week. since then it has been 3 weeks and no word on the hold up or eta. GREAT JOB!!!!!

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    Relax. If they had to answer every letter/post that asked them what is taking so long, they'd be no closer to getting it finished. Be patient. The money people paid for is a lifetime right, not a weekly thing. That means free rights to the guide version 4, 5, 6, 7, and what ever else comes down the road.

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    That is not the point, as a customer we should not have to ask what is taking so long, we should already be informed. If they state that it will be out in a week and after one week they know they cant meet that deadline you would think it polite for them to post new thread saying sorry we could not meet that but we would look at having it out in ...... ..... I dont think that is asking for much. And i think it no favour that i will have access to the new guide when i paid for one that doesnt even work.

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    Are you by any chance Zygor just under a random name or something?

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    Yeah, I was just about to say something. You've been a member for over a year, and you are just now getting the guides? And this is your only posts since you've "been a member?"

    And as a customer, (that's right. I bought the guides) I know what to expect from a small internet business. It's not like they have a staff of over 50 working around the clock. It is not a company that owns their own building in some major metropolitan somewhere. They are doing the best they can with the time they got, and that's all I expect from them.

    It will come out when it is finished.

    In the meantime, quit stirring up ****. Relax and be patient.

    And if you don't like that bit of advice, I'm sure Zygor has a guide he's willing to sell ya. Have at it. Have fun.

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    so many programmers say oh the software will be done around this date. well what happens is they debug and find a bug or they have some features done others not done.
    this causes the delays we all hate. however i would rather wait a few days, weeks, months than get a bloated buggy half working program (in this case addon). So many programs out there have been rushed and because of that the community that uses it gets mad and leaves. Bottom line: Give it time it will be done.

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    Am i zygor just under a different name? Better yet are u Dugi under a different name. If you read the original post my complaint is the bad customer service!!! All i had really asked is for there to be updates on how the guide is going and when the forsee it to be released.

    And as a matter of fact i bought the zygor guide at the same time i bought Dugi's guide and quiet frankly the guides in comparison are not much different they seem to have alot of the same quests in the same order and the time to level characters using the guide is pretty similar. At the moment using zygors guide i would say that it is better than Dugi's just because of the user interface. However having purchased and used both i believe that all the extra's that Dugi provides eg (dailies, profession guide, money guide and so forth) is more money for value. quiet frankly the extras Zygor provide are ****.
    The other thing is Dugi's guide is alot cheaper in comparison. with zygor u have to pay to buy alliance and then to buy horde Dugi you get both for pretty much the price of one.

    Anyway to answer you question am i Zygor No. would just love to see better customer service which i would expect more so from a small business!!!!!!!!!!

    and secondly i have been thinking more about your freaking u get unlimited updates comment, and you know what. just about every guide if not all offer unlimited updates. y would u consider this to be special? when purchasing the guide it stated unlimited updates. If i bought something that said it would give me unlimited updates i would then expect them to deliver what they said, else i think you would find you would have a lot of consumer complaints.

    I would suggest for all of you to stop sucking up Dugi's ass and read the complaints i have posted. they are not at all un reasonable. oh and just goes to show how good Dugi's customer service is. This is a legitament complaint and they still have failed to even put up a post addressing it.


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    The guides are very different. Granted, they have the same quests in it, for the most part, but that shouldn't be a surprise ... unless you're expecting Blizzard to have unique quests for Zygor's guide, and unique quests for Dugi's guide.

    One glaring example: Check out at where Dugi's guide sends you when you hit level 68, as opposed to where Zygor's guide sends you at the same level .... very different.

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    Hi there, please calm down, we are working as fast as we can to get the addon out. It is a huge task and it is not our intentions to leave you stranded with nothing.

    1. Everyone should have the old version that you should be able to use right now and if you have somehow lost your old files please contact me via email dave at and I can help you recover them.

    2. I did answer similar ETA questions on other threads, if you look for them. The answer is this coming Monday at best or next Monday at worse. I believe I have also mentioned it in my last newsletter.

    3. The first update itself will mostly be an replacement of the old addon at first, so I don't want to build up any sort of suspense that it will be this amazing new addon with a ton of new features when it does come out. But I can promise you that we are investing a lot of time and money into it and will continue delevoping it to after its initial release, expect the new important features to come out a couple of weeks after the initial release.

    4. Again just to clarify this is an 'addon' update not a 'guide' update. The guide itself will be the same as they are.

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    Zygor has better custome service? Me and a whole lot of others have been banned from the forum and had our forums deleted because we told him it wasnt right what he did to sabotage Dugi's guide! He was running a guide that could have gotten your account banned from WOW from early spring of last year to fall of last year. Thats when he finally decided to release his new version but was really late about 4 months and you're complaining about Dugi taking weeks to completely redo his from an unforeseen event like the one that happened? Dude grow the hell up and just ask for a damn refund. You said you already had Zygor's guide, then just use that one and be content! Really man, STOP POSTING!!! ****cough***Zygor****

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