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Thread: Help with my Hunter

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    Question Help with my Hunter

    when it comes to the math on wow it makes no sense to me. crit+ bla +bla = great kills and wonderful dps. to me, all I want to know is what numbers I need to be looking for in the toon drop down.

    damage... what numbers are good here.
    speed. same thing
    power. you get the idea.

    my toon
    Damage: 543 - 714
    Speed: 1.94
    Power: 1514
    Hit Rating: 99
    Crit Chance: 17.04%

    if I know what numbers need to be in there I can work toward doing that with gear. if I need gear with more stam or agi. I can deal with that.

    hopefully this link will show my toon.

    Darobane my hunter

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    Default help

    what I was trying to say with my post. recount is showing me with 425 - 625 dps. not sure if it is my shot rotation. my armor, am just at a loss here. have yet to try the dummies out to see what I am hitting there.

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    One place you can look at is Max DPS Site. It has alot of info that might be able to help you.

    It has been a while since I lvled my hunter to 80 so I dont remember everything that is needed at lvl 77, but your Hit Rating does seem low. If you are missing the target your DPS will be low. I have a Rogue that I just lvled at 80 and just installed the addon MikScrollingBattleText. I was amazed how many times I was really missing the target. 8( But now I am focusing on my gear, talents and rotation more as well. Good luck.

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    I notice most of your armour is green and some blue. you need to change to Purple as much as possible, Run alot of randoms and get taborts (not sure of spelling ) for diffrent factions and you will get points and be able to buy some better gear with them. Look up one of my sons hunters not sure how to add links so the name is Bravite. Good luck

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    Default updated gear

    I have updated my gear and enchants. still not sure what I am to look at. ok call me blonde or having part timers. have read all the forums I can about hunters but I guess what I am asking what numbers am I aiming for with the %'s and such.

    if I know that one of the %'s needs to be 15. I can try to figure out how to get it there. but to say it too low doesnt help me. unless there is something I am really not understanding or such.

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    hope this helps, i found some information but not alot on the web, i have a few friend that are hunters and well pick there brain when i see them. but this should help you get started

    Damage,Speed,Power all scale from your weapon
    Hit Rating: 263 is cap
    Crit Chance: i would say 30% or better but cant really find a definent number

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    thanks, that helping alot. I know I need better armor and enchants. that will come in time. I know I know need to be at 80 asap. but it hard to kill monsters to get there as well.

    I could have been at 80 a week or so ago rl time. just needed to detour to lvl up fishing to get some of the xp out of the fishing dailies.

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