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Thread: It's Tuesday with Daknit (Horde Vs Ally)

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    Default It's Tuesday with Daknit (Horde Vs Ally)

    Another Tuesday where I get to twiddle my thumbs waiting for Blizz to do their job. So, I thought I post a random thought/tip/observation.

    Let me introduce my young self. I am Daknit (formerly Bard of Tarot.) I am an Ally player. Mostly, I'm a human Ally player. I guess I'm kinda xeno-racist that way. Gnomes I can't stand and Elves I never understood. Dwarfs are ok, but not really my cup of tea. The Dranaeni are just strait out fricken Weird. But yet, I have a character in each just to try out different classes.

    The Horde.......nothing about the horde appeals to me.

    It's not just the races. It's the players in whole. While the Ally players may seem altogether lame, Hordies are just plain mean spirited SoBs. You can tell alot from a trade channel.

    Another way is to check out the name in PvP. While these names are "random," they are not far from the truth either:

    Ally Player names:

    Drizztt, Bigbe, Lar, Barack, Sisco, MyLittlePony, Legoless, and Zeltron.

    Horde Player names:

    Azzkicker, Yourmomma, Youdienow, Satanicpope, MrPerfect, BallzInMouth, and OuchMaker.

    Like I want to fight against these guys.

    Names aside, it's still not a pretty game. I absolutely dread the PvP dailies.

    Let's take Warsong. The Allys have no organization what so ever. Clothies are leading the charge. Hunters are calling everyone noobs. Tanks are bitching no one is defending. Plus, the healers are downloading porn. And, of course, all the better players leave the game.

    Meanwhile, the Horde got it going on. They swarm together like 2 bit lawyers chasing an ambulance and steam roll over everything in their path. They steal the flag (as usual, our two level 12 mages can't hold them), make a bloodly swath across the battlefield, and then set up camp in our graveyard. We spawn and then we die. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Hell, even a fruit fly gets to mate before it dies.

    The only chance an Ally gets to win is to play early during the weekday morning. Most of the better Horde players are attending grade school at this time.

    The Arathi Basin, is a bit more predictable, but I feel better about myself. The Horde takes the farm. The Allys take the stable. The Horde takes the Blacksmith. The Allys take Lumber Mill and the Mine. The Horde takes Stables. The Allys take the Farm, and then lose everything else. And then we fall apart from there. After awhile, we're the ones getting farmed.


    So, here I am. Fighting the Good Fight. Against all odds and races. An uphill battle versus the horde bandwagon. Ready to die with honor (but without points). Ready to take up arms (with whatever dignity I can muster). Ready to look into the eyes of the horde and say .................... "I am so screwed."

    Oh, and if you couldn't tell by now, I'm a faithful Lions fan, too. That in itself says alot about me as well.

    Until next time....
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    I am an alliance person as well. I have 10 on 1 realm. But because there are different beginning quests out there and a few other things I do have a few Horde on an other server. I just think it is wrong to have Horde and Alliance on the same realm. The only benefit of having bothn factions on the same realm is if someone does you wrong you can take care of the matter by getting on your toon of another faction and kill

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    yeah, that wouldn't be good. If I had a hordie and an Ally on the same server, I'd have to kick my own ass.

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    warsong-us on the horde side is full of BRs that think they are better because they took over that server and speak a differ lang. I didn't like that server so i xfered off. but i've played horde and ally. If all you look at is pvp side of the game, it doesn't matter what side of the fence your on. theres jerks on both sides.

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    Every server has their fair share of idiots, both Horde and Alliance. I usually find the game to be most enjoyable when it's well before or past the peak time for the particular realm.

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    I agree with wolf308. The most enjoyable time is before and after peak. As far and the population and age is concerned, according to censuses, most alli are younger and most horde are older. Thus the better organization in pvp and raiding by the horde. Older people have worked in team sports and jobs and understand teamwork better. However, it should be noted that there is exceptions to every rule. Some of the best raiding guilds out there are alli.

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