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Thread: The question others really wanna know

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    Default The question others really wanna know

    I have Enchanting as one of my builds which i respect my Alchemy which was at 300 xD And turned it to enchanting which is not maxed out with a totall of 7000 gold earned from The AH (Thx Dugi)

    Now i didn't spend any time herbing so my herbs at 176 lol fun
    I'm planning to respec my herbing into one of these professions

    Please Help me decide which ones and list the pros and cons and i do not want to see Pros as being it's cool

    i am looking for a profession that benifets me and is little to no time consuming with some profit to gain. Though Engineering is on that list because of the gnome x-ray specs though please list and vote why and how etc... and your strategies you have used to make your gold.
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    Any1 Please help me? Inscription seems rather profitable 0.o but need more suggestions

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    i am looking for a profession that benifets me and is little to no time consuming with tons of profit to gain.
    LOL, no such profession exists in WoW.

    Now if they make politician an available profession in Cataclysm then I might suggest you try that, they're good at making lots of money for themselves while not doing anything.

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    I suggest Tailoring for a mage. You can get the armor set out of it and maybe jsut maybe you can earn some gold.

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    For a Mage go Skinning and Tailoring; simple, easy, the stock comes to you, and 20 slot bags make you a guild hero and money. And there are tons of other small benefits.

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    I have yet to do the combination but I agree...cloth cothes in burst and if you have a place to get rid of the exess that comes from the lower can get all the gold you need by selling the leather and making the limited items that you need to make to up your skill lvl....
    I am at a point in my alchemist that I need 2types oil and strangle kelp.....any suggestions I do not know why but these 2 fish are not in the AH so where does one find these...?

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    First of all what type of oil and what type of fish? Stranglekelp is found all over in the water in areas ranging levels 15-45.

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    O and Tailoring

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    I have concluded, after leveling several level 80 toons, that no crafting profession is profitable.

    My blacksmith was never able to sell his products for as much as the mats cost. Same with my leatherworker.

    My tailor is a priest, so I was able to use the Ebonweave Robe and some of the embroidery enchants, but that's about it. Currently Ebonweave Gloves (about level 425 or so) are selling for about 1/4 what it costs to make them. I've managed to recoup my materials cost on Ebonweave Robes only once or twice.

    I find that I have only a few crafted items that sell well: mainly some shirts and some bags.

    I leveled up my Mage with only skinning and herbalism. I made plenty of money doing that. Ya gotta kill a lot of mobs when you're leveling, you might as well skin them. Otherwise you leave a lot of money lying on the ground.

    My current toon is a warrior. He skins and mines. Thus there are no materials costs, only profits.

    Of course, your mileage may vary. If anybody has any ideas how to make a profit from a crafting profession, I would very much like to hear them.

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