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Thread: Servers.....?

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    Default Servers.....?

    I was wondering what servers people are would be kinda kewl to start a guild that followed the guide.....and with the PVP could be a force to be dealt with....But that is just an Idea.....

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    Im on whisperwind, hit me up my main toons name is belseba

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    Would have to pick a realm and faction first I would think. I mean that seems logical since the OP didn't post his realm and I'm sure there are few of us on the same servers to begin with, much less the same faction if forum avatars are any indication

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    Well I am on Shadow council...have several toons....

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    I'm on the Scryers under 10 different rotating toons. And yes, I own the AH. =)

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    Ok, well I'm Horde on Bonechewer-US and have 2 accounts. My main acct has my 80 and 9 lower alts lol. The second acct has four new lvl60s, pally, priest, rogue and warrior, thanks to RAF =)

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    I am on Ysera, horde side.

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    Default Hmm....

    Well that covers 4 or so servers, but I think a good advertiser would be to get a guild with all of us in it....I mean a catchy name and a bunch of people cleaning up in the arena and taking as many low lvls with us sounds Fun...

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    I am on Drenden PVE server for the alliance but would be willing to start a DK on a different server if you guys managed to start something like that. Maybe we should all agree on a brand new realm pvp or pve and then we can all make a guild and join up together. Lol we can be called "Dugi Followers". Shoot maybe even Dugi would join.
    O and I dont mind playing Horde for this either. I will go whichever faction.

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    I'm on Lethon. There are a bunch of very competitive buyers and sellers in the AH. It is obvious that they are using Auctioneer (and using it well).

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