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    I noticed you play a blanced druid in the dailies guide you do. It has really made me think about switching specs from feral to balanced.

    What do you, or anyone, think? I have played feral all the way up to 80. But now I find myself needing to take multiples like in the quest to kill the converted heros. I can't seem to get it done in bear form and NO way in Cat form. Also, taking that dragon I wouldn't have been able to do that.

    Do you think maybe it is just my gear and I should stick with feral or should I switch to balanced so that I am more effective soloing at 80?

    All my gear is quest gear. Maybe that is it.
    I have a feral spec and gear up now. However, I do change to resto when I go into random dungeons.

    Thanks for your thoughts. I know I should play what is fun for me. I want to know what is fun for others in this respect.

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    Yeah, you need better gear.

    Your profile says your 335 enchanting but I'm not seeing a single enchant on any of that gear, and the red socket on your weapon is empty. You should always enchant and gem gear out as best you can.

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    Wolf is right, you do need some gear improvement. I have been 80 for maybe 2 weeks now and I am already in all blues and purples, but I have been running instances and then heroics non-stop(when I can play). I was feral up to 40 and then switched to balance to level to 80. I am now moonkin/resto. I heal in almost all my instances and it lets me get groups very quickly. I switched to balance because I saw Dugi's video, too, and he was tearing it up. I think balance is great with low down time (I see a lot of people on forums saying it has a higher downtime, but I don't see it.) Make the switch and try it out!

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    I agree with the 2 replies. I specc'd for bear form and I can take on any number of mobs while doing dailies. I've even been disconnected from WoW and logged back in with the fight still going and myself at full health.

    You will probably want to pick which feral you want (bear or cat) and specialize. If you pick Bear (which looks like you are) you will definitly want to spec for Thich Hide and Natural Reaction.

    I also am specc'd Boomkin for Balance and love that too!

    Wolf is absolutely correct about enchants, every piece should have one that can (don't forget the belt buckle to gem your waist). Bears love Stamina and Agility. Good luck!

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    Thanks all. Very good information. I do like feral. I perfer cat though. That is just cause I don't play bear very much. I speced using dugi's guide so. I'll study up on gear.

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