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Thread: level 75 and lost

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    try going to dragonblight
    also i found that using the addon questhelper works for me along with this guide. it has routes and waypoints already added into it so it may work for you.

    the addon cannot tell which quests you have done. it is a guide to level you as fast as possible, you know where you have been and what quests you have done. I think you might have been mixed up some how in thinking that this addon would know what you have done and then direct you in the right direction from there. honestly i know how you feel as far as being frustrated in getting this thing to work, and if i was you i would just try your best to get to lvl 76 like dugi said and then follow the guide from there.

    hope this helps

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    It will only show quest givers in the first area of northern, I have no idea which quest you've done. so I can tell you which you have missed and in what order.

    You will have to back track starting from Zul'drak visit quest area that you might have missed.

    I'm not sure what the problem is with you waypoint arrow. try downloading the latest version of tomtom.

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    I prefer the carbonite-lightheaded-tomtom mix....I never miss anything....

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    Quote Originally Posted by msayers86 View Post
    ok so i finally found some quests in howling fjord but im sure there are some i missed in grizzly and dragspire etc. when i click quest givers the only ones that show up are howling fjord and most of them ive already done what should i do? im sorry im asking so many questions

    i would rather find quests in grizzly or dragonspire or zul drak because the ones in howling fjord are very low level
    First of start and check in which zone you missed quests. Go do achievements panel (key: Y) and then WOTLK and check zones. If you click on them you will see how much quests you finished.

    I just finished Dragonblight with my alt, so I remember these hubs:
    Agmar's Hammer,
    Moa'ki Harbor,
    Wyrmrest Temple (upper levels too)
    North of Galakrond's Rest (55, 23.5)
    The Crystal Vice (59.4, 18.1)
    Serinar in Cave West of Galakrond's Rest 35.1, 30.1

    Good way to look for quest givers, when you are completly lost and can't find anything is to use wowhead. When you pop map on you can use 'Show on map...' list to choose your faction.

    Hope it helps.


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    thanks for all your help guys i got the arrow to work by reseting the ui and i found alot of quests i misses in howlingfjord and made it to 76 so im going to go up to the basin now and follow the guide from there

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    I eliminated all my addon's when I bought the guide. I then down loaded the specific add on's that the guide says to use. I also have down loaded WOW Matrix which makes addon management very easy. I've had no trouble with any of the the addons working.

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