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    Maybe after 3.3 a bunch of quests are gone, or so, but my problem is that im doing the nagrand 65-67 quests, and in the quest The Ravaged Caravan im told to talk to Huntress Kima but when i found her she had no "!" over her head so i skipped it and with the following quest He Called Himself Altruis... & Huntress Kima still had no "!" over her head so i skipped again, so next i had to go to a wanted poster quest, Wanted: Giselda The Crone i click on the town poster and nothing hapens i have downloaded the guide 3 times & i know it's in the right folder, the addon's i have on are Gather Mate, Talented, Autioneer Advanced, & Tomtom, so far as i have tried, the only quest i have that works is Do My Eyes Deceive Me, given by Huntress Bintook, but the following quests; The Throne of The Elements ,&, Stopping The Spread, 2 quests that are given by 2 different npc's can't be accepted as the npc's don't have "!"'s on the heads so what could my problem be?

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    Happened to me too. I ran around like a chicken with no head until a guildie told me I had to be friendly with the faction Kurenai

    I was embarrased because it was on my fith char, so I should've known lol. I'm a quest skipper, when I get ahead of the guide, so prob. my own fault.

    From wowhead:
    The quests found at the Harborage given by Ikuti in Zangarmarsh that begin your reputation with the Kurenai to open up Telaar Quests in Nagrand, must be done first.

    What I did:
    Or just kill mobs in Sunspring Post until friendly. West on the Nagrand map by the lake. It shouldn't take long.

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    thank you i will try to get friendly reputation and see how it goes

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    yeah i see now im totally unfriendly with the kurenai lol

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