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Thread: Ranger Sareyn Bug Report Fairbreeze Villiage

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    Question Ranger Sareyn Bug Report Fairbreeze Villiage

    Name of Quest: Defending Fairbreeze Village
    Quest link

    Zone: Fairbreeze Villiage
    Quest starter: Ranger Sareyn - cords 46.93/71.79
    Qust End with: <NPC name> - cords 46.93/71.79

    NPC / mobs cords : Slay 4 Rotlimb Marauders and 4 Darkwraiths and return to Ranger Sareyn at Fairbreeze Village in Eversong Woods.

    Short bug description: Each time I log on to WoW the take a quest ! Ranger Sareyn [?] shows up. I've completed this quest. I click it as done then it goes to ! Saltheril's Haven [?] which I've done. I click that off and it goes to: ? The Scorched Grove [?] this is what I have left to do. Why is it resetting back to the other two quests that I've already done each time?

    OS: Win 7 Professional


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    are you saying it keeps reseting back to Defending Fairbreeze Village ? I check all the files it seems to be ok, are you still having the problem?

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    Yes it keeps reseting to the "! Ranger Sareyn [?]" on what to do next. I can't figure out why either. I would click that one off then the next one and then I finished the area and have moved one to another guide lvl. So in a way it's solved at least for me and maybe it could be my system since I used to use Zygor's lvl guide. Decided to change over to yours and see how yours does. So far I like it better since it does not take up so much room as Zygor's does. One thing I did notice is that they seem to follow about the same quests so far... few exceptions here and there at least in the lower lvl's. I also created a Durid in Ally "Darnasis area" and I noticed the Tom Tom arrow would not be there when it went to turing in quests once I'd finished but came right back with it was time to fight again. This kept up till I got to lvl 5 and moved on to the city. Not sure why that happened either but easy enough to work around. All in all this is a good guide and works well with few problems. I'd recommend it to anyone who is starting out. I've already recommended it to two other players who have downloaded and installed the guide and they like it too. Thanks for all your work and effort in an easy way to help players in WoW. Just so you know I have the Jonathan Kenins " Massive Gold Blueprint method" and he is where I heard about you and your guide. Have a great Holiday today and a very Happy New Years!.

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