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    Default Some Issues

    Clean install, TomTom deleted, etc.

    1. I am in the Howling Fjord area. Several quests that I did last night appear in the guide as not completed. While some are dailies (I understand this), others were not. It was no issue to tick them, but the Blizzard and Dugi Guide are not working together perfectly.

    2. On my objectives list, I only can see 2 active quests being monitored.
    It's ok, but annoying as I am 2 boxing and can refer to my clean Blizzard only install to track 8-10 at once.


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    1. the quest id could be wrong and you tell me which quest specificly. So I can investigate.

    2. I replied to your other post, I think this is an issue with your addons, are you using any other quest tracking addon? the guide definately track more than 2 quests.

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    Default Feedback...


    I knew you were going to ask that! I will try to be precise.

    Howling Fjord Guide

    1. Root Causes. Guide showed I needed to kill Skeld Drakeson but I had already done so.

    2. The Way to his heart. Guide showed I had to acquire the quest, do it, and turn it in. I did all 3. I assume this could be because it is a daily and it showed it available (since the timer on daily had reset).

    3. Steel Gate Patrol same as #2

    4. There was a turn in to Captain Adams in Westguard. The guide showed I needed to turn in a quest, but I had already done so. I went there anyway and Capt Adams did not have a ? over his head. I do not remember the name of the quest.

    Objective only showing 2 quests....

    I do not know how to cut and paste in WoW...or at least I don't remember...however, I do not think I have any active mods that do something similar.

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    Default Update...

    I logged out and in again....

    The two daily quests Steel Gate and Way to his heart are showing 'need to do'. I do NOT have dugi daily guide checked to it looks like dailies are going to show everytime they are ready.

    I still only show 2 quests in the objective tracker.

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    The daily will never work with the auto sync feature, this is normal, and not much we can do about it.

    Root Causes and Mission: Plague was missing a quest id.

    These quest are now fixed for the next build thank you for reporting.

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    Default Found the culprit

    Chinchilla Mini Map was the conflicting addon that caused only 2 objectives to be displayed.

    Version 2.1

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