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Thread: THANK YOU Dugi

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    Default THANK YOU Dugi

    For your generous auction mastery video! You the man!

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    Yes, you Da Man - Happy Holidays

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    Smile Merry Christmas to you too

    Thank you so much for the bonus. I recently lost a lot of interest in WoW but after this bonus I am reenergized to start playing again. Thank you so much.

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    Thanks for the bonus Dugi, very generous!!!!!

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    Only saying thanks for the bonus... well i will thank you for your guides and the bonue

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    Man, this makes me wanna start playing WoW again! I stopped for a bit to check out Fallen Earth, but this really makes me wanna come back. Just don't wanna pay for two subs. Oh, that and my account was hacked after I cancelled my sub. ; I did get all of my gold/stuff back, which was good.

    Oh well, if I do come back, guess I'll have some major housekeeping to do.

    Sorry Dugi, forgot to say thanks for the X-mas present.

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    Dugi you are the man you helped me get my first 80! and now helping me by giving me a free guide is just great, THX!

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    Thanks for the holiday bonus, I had just about given up to complacency with making what bit of gold I could on AH and dailies, but this puts me in gear to go out earn enough for a mechano-hog! Thanks again for the most awesome guide and the bonus gift.

    Best of holiday wishes to you, your family, and associates.

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    Default I agree....

    Well All I can say is really have done a great service for us with this bonus....

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    I'd like to add my thanks to the bunch, Dugi. You truly have done a terrific job this past year and I look forward to see what the new year brings. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!


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