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Thread: QuestHelper has broken.

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    Default QuestHelper has broken.

    I keep getting a message box every time I long on to WoW and this is what it says.

    QuestHelper has Broken You may have to restart WoW. Type "/qh error" for detailed message.

    Detailed message:

    Msg: Interface/AddOns/Questhelper/Director_quest, lua: 227: Attemps to call fild "?" (a nil value)
    toc: 1.1.12
    Timetamp:2009-12-19 07:33:06
    Motation: nil
    Silent: false
    [c]: in function "?"
    interface/AddOns/Questhelper/Director_quest.lua:227:infunction<interface/Addons/Questhelper/Direcor_quest, lua:226>Interface/AddOns/QuestHelper/director_quest, lua:542:in function
    'Quest Processor'
    Interfaces/AddOns/QuestHelper/direct_quest, lua:736:in functions'func'Interface/AddOns/QuestHelper/Manager_event,lua: 43: infunction <Interface/AddOns/QuestHelper/Manage_event, lua. 25>Interface/AddOns/Questhelper/manager_event, lua: 58: in function<Interface/AddOns/QuestHelper/Manager_event, lua: 52>
    DugisGuide Dailies Event, v3.2.0
    DugisGuide Viewer, vAlpha
    DugisGuide Alliance En v3.1.3
    DugisGuide Horde En v3.1.3
    Questhelper v1.1.12
    Talented, vv2.4.4-beta 1
    talentedSpec Tabs, vv2.4.4-bata 1
    Tom Tom, v222

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    Hmm, after patch 3.3 you dont need q helper anymore. Since its built in to the game.

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    Upgrade to the latest Questhelper 1.3.5. Your version say 1.1.12:

    I recommend using Curse Client for staying updated with addons:

    Dugi is busy spoiling us with guide V3 and site upgrade, so I guess it takes some attention away from the free addons

    Edit: I agree that Questhelper isn't actually needed anymore. Most map addons work together with Blizzards new Quest objective tracking. Personally I still prefer using map addons together with Dugi's guide. F.ex: Carbonite wich is very advanced and has it's own quest objective tracking build in or Mapster wich is like Blizzards map but it allows you to scale it. .. together with Alphamap wich I always has installed no matter wich world map addon I use. I hope Alphamap will be compatible with Blizzard quest objective tracking in the future, because right now it only works with Questhelper
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    Alright guys but the thing is I payed for it so I wont it to work. If it was free then I would be ok and wouldn't care.

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    You're paying for the guides, not the addons. Addons must be free according to Blizzard Policy.
    The addons aren't hosted in the members area. You've only been given the link and it says *optional*

    It's also irrelevant because you've been given the solution to your problem and it should be fixed by now.

    You're welcome...

    Btw. great video at the front page where Questhelper is mentioned as a free addon

    Dugi rox!

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