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Thread: Security boo hoo what to do

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    Unhappy Security boo hoo what to do

    A very high guildie was hacked. emptied the guildbank. How can i prevent this from happening again? I have to face the ugly possibility-it could be me next!

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    In Battlenet Accounts there is the posibility to use a security device to make your account safer. the devices provide an additional password (always different).

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    Use the Iphone app (free) at app-store.

    Or the Authenticator

    To hack your account using those should be a hard nut to crack

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    Default athenticator

    ordered 2 of them myself. one for me and one for my uncle. I have been hearing about alot of account getting hacked this time of year. not sure if the people using the power lvling places on the web or what.

    also got a cool nifty pet out of the deal as well. as long as you keep the athenticator on your account the pet stays. what else will blizz think of next?? just one more pet to add to the plethera of pets award I guess.

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