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    Default gold farming issue

    i read over everything in were to go farm for gold out of all th eloacations listed and things to kill only 2 places actually worked but didnt bring in much gold. for example in storm peaks location 2 it says kill th ewarriors drop on average 74silver and grey trash items. there is nothing there but frozen statues only thing i found to kill in that area were rams. move down a little south there were a bunch of elites. so i went to a few other areas the guide listed most places dont drop what it says they do and alot of things it says to kill dont ever seem to be there. back to location 2 though a few peopel hae tould me that its probably becasue other peopel were killing before i got there but i find it hard to believe that it takes 6 hours to respawn i was checking there on every half hour/hour othe rday not one thing to kill there except rams. i must say i am dis appointed with the whole gold guide included auction house. only thing i liek is the profession leveling guide part. now onto the auction house problem.

    what is the trick to making the gold seriously its getting on my nerves trying to figure it out. i set the auctioneer up exactly the way the video showed it i didnt have a extra box when i goto bendors telling me what to sell and i would always do search with a min. profit of 50% i would do 100 items 50 items and so forth. it woudl pop up with things i can make money on but it was 100% wrong on just about everything. i did read th epart sayign scan for a whole week before buying wich i did i scanned about a little over a week now. its tell me somethings for sale for example 300 gold i can profit 800 gold off it but yet when i do manuel search on that item before i buy it it says there only selling for 50-100 gold. i do not get this at all. if there is no way you can help me out understan dthis better can i exchange this guide for th epvp one or just get a refund. things are more complicating for me i thought this would be just as easy as your leveling guide wich i have actually had people beg me even pay me to tell them how i go tmy first character since i baught the guide from 1-80 in 7days play time when it took them 3 months. can u please help me out here i didnt pay $30 for a guide to not do me any good except loose money. i started otu with 200 gold and have tryed buying things manually at lower prices and resell an dim still no higher then 500 gold i made most of my gold in one night on buying dream shards for 10g piece and resold a nunch of stacks that was last of it. there has got to be some kind of trick or something to make all this gold. as of the way things look its easier buying from gold sellers then doing this since its hard to figure out. please help me out here

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    For you to be able to farm the npc's at location 2 in stormpeaks you must first complete a series of quests that changes the look of the area, thus 'unlocking' the npc's.

    Hope this helps.

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    o well see seriously why do they charge money for the guide if they dont even tell u what u have to do in order to get the damn npcs to show up and i hope ur not joking and exactly how do i unlock and were do i goto get the quests if i paid big money for this guide i dont like the fact of having to figure out everything on my own for something i paid money for that tells u exactly what u have to do

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    theres a guide there just look for req for quest chain or req for dailys. the guides for the dailys assume that you've done all the unlocking for that zone. Storm Peaks and Icecrown have many chains that some people don't bother with but dugi does have guides with the daily and event package that tell you how to unlock them. also read the online verison to compare. it tells you there.

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    If your not level 80 at all and you haven't cleared almost all the quest in northrend then a lot of zones haven't changed for you at all. I bought the guide i think 4 days ago and i love the Auction house addon. It does everything for me. Ill tell you right now ive made already over 1k gold in these 4 days and upgraded two of my professions at the same time. I am currently still making more gold at a much faster rate since the professions are upgrading and ive got herbing/mining. It works very very well for me. I love it and thanks dugi. p.s. Bigtizback on every addon in members area there are videos guiding you through everything. Hopefully i've helped you a bit. Later.

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    yea thanks i am level 80 beel level 80 for a while just never done any dailys except bgs.
    but back to storm peaks in location 2 were are the quests u have to do to get the npcs to show up there im looking all over interent the only thing i see is telling you what the quests are and keep searching all of storm peaks and u also apperently have to do quests in ice crown to but the quests are supposed to give 20,000 gold per one and i dont even know if thats the right ones it wouldve been nice if dugi wouldve made another addon free so if u have the gold guide and leveling guide theres a addon that tells you how to unlock the zones were to get the quests would be real nice if u ask me.

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    I would recommend that you just request a chat with the GM and ask him. He will tell you what you have to do in order to change that zone and there is no quest that gives you 20k gold at all. You get approximately 13-14g per quest once you hit 80. Go get and it will also help you to quest as well. It has a toggle button on the carbonite bar that says (Questgivers) and it's very useful along with dugi's guide. Good luck.

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    ok thanks will do, also for the auction house addon im starting to figure it out it is a bi tcomplicating getting used to only thing thats a real pain righ tnow with it is it will say for example a frozen orb that sells for 20 gold per 1 will sell for 300 gold per one wich im not quit sure how to get it to start being dead on accurate it does that alot with items so i have to manually check them all. is there any other adjustment i need to make? i set everything up th eway video said to on exact settings. scan 2 times a day early morning at late night. and i still cant get the other box to show up that apperently when u goto a vendor a box pops up telling u all ur trash items to get rid of wich i cant get to pop up.

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