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    I recently turned level 80 and i have no idea how to gear up. My friend took me into N ToC and i got some gear there but other then that i have no idea how to get other gear. Could someone tell me a instance i could do or anything that would get me gear for a death knight?

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    well, farm toc and do heroics for emblems to get your t8.5 2pc. or hit up for a guide to what gear you can get based on your lvl of raiding/runs

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    Default was wondering the same thing

    rather than start a new thread thought I would reply here. I have been playing the battlegrounds. and used my points there to gear up. my guild says I am awesome at dps. I just get confused with all the math and such.

    could someone look at my profile and tell me if they are right or if I need to make changes..

    I play a blood DK. btw.

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    You can use Rawr, it wil show the best gear bsed on your spec and source.

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