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    Default Zygor's Guide

    Can you guys believe that Zygor takes credit for being the first and only person to put an in-game talent advisor into his guides. he just did it with his new update of his guide but Dugi has been doing that long before Zygor.
    Kick his ass Dugi!!!

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    Default zygor

    Whops should of read the full message first before replying dugi was the first to put in the ingame talent guide adviser.


    you might want to think about that a bit zygor has been going a while now and i think he might of been the first to put an ingame guide together zygor is now useng version 2 of the ingame guide.

    Be nice to know who was the first zygor or dugi but saying that both guides have their merrits Dugi's guide's are good but zygors are also good zygor doesn't do a daily's guide dugi does zygors talent point can be automatic as you lvl it will automaticly increase your talent points if you wish also not there are many mistakes in zygors guide the hoard any how as a mistake is pointed out he is updateing the guide to put it right some times twice a week.

    both guides are good who was first does it realy matter "no" I've used both and both do what they say.

    on a foot note though dugi does a daily and it rocks zygor doesn't.

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    Zygor himself said it that with his then upcoming version 2 of his guide he was going to put in an in-game talent advisor. He version 2 just came out recently but with that aside we can just say who knows who really was fisrt, ok, but he still claims on his website that his guide is the only guide that has an in-game talent advisor and mentions Dugi's guide on there and says Dugi's does not have one.

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    zygor uses a custom addon to move through quests and dugi uses tour guide. now its a good chance that he'll add a button or do a class check in the addon and tell you what to spec as. now with dugi, he uses a differ addon to handle that, called talented, and he includes many specs. i don't always agree with the specs but they are there. I use the website for my specs and glyph choice.

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    Zygor is a noob, We all have to thank dugi for making this guide, without it we would've been noobs now.Just like zygor

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    Hi guys,

    don't think it's very fare to say zygor is a noob as it is just wrong remember Discretion is the better part of valor.

    zygor's lvling guide is not to bad which i'm sure dugi will admit if asked!

    The war bettween guide is not good I know where it first started but lets be civil and remember once again Discretion is the better part of valor. Dugi's guide is the best at the moment and when people try the free guides out they will see for them selves, let the guides speak for them selves.

    Dugi you have set the bench mark for every one else to follow, well done.


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    I am a zygor guide user, and what he has on the front of his page is a lie. Zygors website says that dugi's doesn't have a in game leveling guide and thats a lie and I don't like lairs. Custom or not big deal you should give him credit for it. just like the other guides you have in the list. On the other hand, Dugi's went alittle over the top saying that it takes hours to find your place to start leveling at. it takes a little while, but not hours. I will give him the updated credit part when its released. I think I will be buying dugi's leveling guide just to try it out. I have his Dailies guide just for the fact that Zygor doesn't have one. Zygors food guide money making guide and other things are ok but dugis got most of the stuff in game all ready to look at no alt tabing. Zygors been slow to update his not sure why.

    I hope that Dugis got something else for us too. I can't wait its like Christmas coming.
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    zygor just updated and it looks really good, better than dugis update maybe, im not sure. i like it though

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    Default Zygor V Dugi

    Hi All,

    I've just checked out zygors update & first impresion Dugi wins, the way Dugi's Guide is structured works well for my type of playing, saying that i like zygors talent adviser more than dugi's, for me it's dugi's guide complimented with zygor's talent adviser. I payed for both so i'm use3ing both.

    Merry xmas all especially Dugi and Jess, and Zygor if he gets to reads this.


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    What a coincidence that their update is right on our opening day , it must have been a bit rushed. The skipping quest feature is neat but can be a bit tricky, as you might miss out on good quest chains it is safer if you check the quest a bit and do that manually which is easily done with our guide.

    We're working on the auto-translate feature so thats not too far away either.

    But I'm happy that they gave us a tick on addon policy, looks like they are finally paying attention to us and the general public.

    We are also over the whole Zygor Dugi thing, its Christmas and our re-opening is a big success on our side, so we're very happy.

    I know Zygor read our forum too sometimes, so Merry Christmas to you Zygor reply my emails and I still hope that one day we can work together.

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