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    I am stuck in the Searing Gorge, I have to get a quest from the Dying Archaeologist but I can't seem to get to him. He is above Thorium Point and the quest is Dwarven there a bug in this part of the quest or am I just a Dumb @$$? HELP HELP HELP!!!!

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    when in doubt wowhead it out

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    Sorry the guide may be a bit vague I'll check it out, he's not actually up in the mountains but in a cave which is under thorium point.

    Go to edge of chasm at 49,44 and drop down to cave entrance, then work your way through.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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    This is one of the few issues i found in this guide. It doesn't tell you whether there's cave or what? To go up or down...

    Good thing I found this post... have been going through all sides of the mountain for more than an hour!!!

    This is a section (i.e., inside the Slag...) of your guide that you need to really fix and the Tome of Valor quest guide as well...
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