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Thread: problem, keep falling behind

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    Default problem, keep falling behind

    i got this guide a couple of days ago and it was working fine.
    but its not a problem with the guide its that fact that i keep falling behind.
    i started on my pally at 43 or so and i was a lvl above the guide now im on par with it and im slowly dropping further behind.
    is this because i need rest for when i use the guide?
    or need to download a new update?

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    I'm getting the exact same thing. I fell a whole level behind at 25-27, following every step perfectly.

    Then when I entered Northrend, still following the Guide, I was told to pick a quest at level 69 which is not attainable until 71. A whole 2 levels behind? This was the Borean Tundra 68-71 section of the guide.

    I have not tested this on Horde yet, this is only in the Alliance part of the Guide as far as I know.

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    The same happens for me, can get very annoying

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    im not a huge alliance player, but on the horde side i have not seen any problems. im able to stay on par with the guide. im not sure though if it may not be because i use BOA gear.

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    Bpeasnall it probably hit it on the nose. With the change of xp and boa gear it can be easy to get behind. No worries though just keep pluggin along, even if the quest is green you will still gain quite a bit of xp from turning it in.

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    i've had the same problem in BT, but it seems to work in HF...
    I had to leave BT and which to HF cause i had to "click away" 75 % of the quests.

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    Close counts with the guides. A lot depends on whether you get a lot of adds or not, or maybe how many tries it takes you to do some quests.

    I took my hunter through the levels mostly on a ground mount. Then I passed along the Cold Weather Flying book to my priest alt, so the priest was able to fly from level 70 on.

    Thus the priest alt just buzzed through the higher level quests. It had little or no problem with having to fight the way through all the ground traffic. The result was that it fell behind the guide because it wasn't getting all the mob experience that the hunter had.

    So one alt finished the guide ahead of the predicted level, and the other finished behind. I suppose your mileage may vary as well.

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